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The Ancestors and Descendants
of James Marion White
and Lucy Ann Holt


Pat Goad White

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The first error is probably a typo.  Simon Holt of Fairfax Count House should probably read Fairfax Court House.  Simon Holt was probably the first Holt of our line to move into Georgia.  His son Robert, who married a first cousin Nancy Holt (dau. of a Richard Holt of Virginia) is my direct ancestor.

I believe I have tied Simon Holt's ancestry into Virginia a little better than what Pat could do.  Please see the linked Register Report for details.

Pat Goad White alludes to the connection of our Holts to the Doris Duke story.  Although the Holt connection to Doris Duke is very possible, it is likely that Nanaline (Nannie, not Annie) Holt, Doris Duke's mother, was a distant cousin to our Holt lines.  I have also seen reference to Doris Duke's birthplace as New York City, in contradistinction to the allusion in this document to her birth in Macon, Georgia.

The map depicted at the bottom of this page was followed, and we saw the homes she describes.  The vertical street in Macon, GA is Georgia St., and the horizontal depicts College St.  The "Original Wesleyan College for Women" is now the main city post office (though it was rebuilt in the fashion of the old Wesleyan College Building).  These structures are near downtown Macon.  There is a NEW Wesleyan College that is more on the outskirts, distant from these structures.  The "Holt Homes" are well-preserved, and apparently occupied, and are on local 'tours'.  Following this map, Georgia Street becomes Mulberry (further 'up') and on that street is the "Cannonball House", named such because a Federal cannonball struck it during Sherman's march, and that was the home of a Judge Asa Holt, who I cannot connect with our Holts whatsoever in a genealogical sense...


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