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The Ancestors and Descendants
of James Marion White
and Lucy Ann Holt


Pat Goad White

This is a facsimile copy of a small pamphlet on the genealogy of my Cox, Holt, White ancestry (and other surnames).  It was written in about 1960 by Pat Goad White (wife of J.P. White, brother of my great-grandmother Susie White London).  I apologize for its worn look, but it is a copy of a copy then scanned in and is crooked in places, but overall is in good "readable" shape!  The entire document can be downloaded in a ZIP format by clicking here.  Note***:  This is a LARGE file (4 MB+) and will take a while to load on a slow connection.

(The hyper-link that reads ZIP format will take you to download.com if you need un-zipping software...)

Its complete correctness cannot be strictly vouched for, but there is much good information within.  I received a copy of this from my mother, Ketta London Casey, great-granddaughter of J.M. White and Lucy Ann Holt White.  I have added comments on most of the pages - some to illustrate errors I have found, and some to clarify statements or dispute claims.

Info on Col. Willis Cox Holt begins on Page 9.

Cover Page:

Cover Page

Note:  The name Susie White London was written in below the typed title by Ketta London Casey

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