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Sketches and Memories of My Family

Robert Sledge Griggs


The small home published book, Sketches and Memories of My Family was written by Robert Sledge Griggs around 1957.

Mr. Griggs, whose autobiography is contained in Chapter 3 (Page 29) was a child of Geo. Washington Griggs, and Celeste Eugenia Jackson, one of the daughters of Terrell J. Jackson.  His sister, Hester Chappell Griggs (1880-1920) was my great-grandmother.  My mother, Ketta London Casey (among others) helped compile the information in this book, and it is a tremendous source for research in the Jackson, Griggs, and Altman names in my genealogy tree.

The pages of the book have been scanned in and put online in the following webpages.  I have created a .zip (ZIP) file containing all the graphic images depicted herein, and
they are available for download at this page.

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