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Sketches and Memories of My Family

Robert Sledge Griggs



If you would like to download a .ZIP file containing all of the scanned images of this book, so that you may read them at your leisure on your own computer, or print them out, use the instructions below.

The book was scanned from a photocopy of the original, and is in approximately 37 .JPG (Jpeg) images.  I have assimilated these images into a single ZIP (.zip) file for easy download.

However, the file size is ~9 MB (Large), and may take a long time to download!

This requires WinZip or another "unzipping" program in order to retrieve the files within:

To download, follow the instructions outlined below:

1) Left click on the following filename:  SKETCHES.ZIP

2) A box should pop-up giving you the option to "Save this file to disk".  Select this option, and click "OK".

3) Select the location on your hard drive where you choose to store the file (remember this location!).  Press "Save" once you have selected the appopriate folder.  It will take a while to download, depending on the speed of your connection, etc.  Make sure you aren't "cramped" for hard disk space as a 9 MB file is big.

4) Once the file is saved (it is a .zip) file, you will need to open it according to the instructions of your unzipping program.  WinZip is a good program, and is available at download.com or here.

Sorry, I cannot help individual folks with technical issues.  If you're not adept at file transfers/decompression of this sort, you can either copy each individual file in the webpages and copy them, or ask for a hard copy!  I'll be happy to use the old fashioned Xerox machine and postage stamps for you!  Hard copies will require a $10 fee for postage/copies/time.

(Email address is not linked due to excessive SPAM)

Sketches Index:

Jackson Genealogy | Intro Page | Title Page | Index
Page 1 (Chapter I) | Page 16 (Chapter 2) | Page 29 (Chapter 3)

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