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Altman Family History
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On these pages are photos of my Altman family.
Please see my Altman Page for description of my Altman Genealogy.

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E.V. Altman (1877-1952)
Emory V. Altman (1877-1952)


E.V. Altman with dau. Mabel and great-grandson Mike
E.V. Altman with daughter Mabel, and Mabel's grandson Mike.
Picture likely from Anson, Texas (perhaps "the square?")

Gravestone of E.V. Altman
The gravestone of E.V. Altman,
Mt. Hope Cemetery, Anson, Jones Co., Texas

The Headstone of Hester Chappell Griggs Altman
Mt. Hope Cemetery, Anson, Jones Co., Texas.

Just to the left (North) of this grave is an "empty space".
The empty space is occupied by an unmarked grave of the infant
that died as a result of the childbirth that also caused the demise
of Hester Chappell Griggs Altman.
E.V. Altman is buried on the other side of this unmarked infant grave.
(Info from the Rootsweb Jones County site.)

Hester Chappell Griggs was a descendant of
Terrell J. Jackson, also a subject of my genealogy research.

Gravestone of Robbie Altman
Gravestone of Robbie Altman
Mt. Hope Cemetery, Anson Jones Co., TX.
This grave is just North of the grave of her father, E.V. Altman.


Earline Altman with friends
Earline Altman (London), known as "Memo" (1908 - 2001),
my maternal grandmother, third from the left.
Pictured with unknown friends.
Likely Anson, Texas. ca. mid 1920's.
Memo passed away Jan. 8, 2001.


Children of Otis Carroll Altman
Children of Otis Carroll Altman (son of E.V. Altman):
Dorthy Carol, Jerry Glenn, and Wana Jean.

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