Cox-Griggs Burying Ground Directions:

Headstone of Cary Cox., Sr. (1736-1814) - Rubbing of Engraving In Progress

This page provides a map and directions to the Cox-Griggs Burying Ground in Putnam Co., Georgia (in the Oconee Natl. Forest) and also to the "Old Cox Plantation Home" nearby.

This is the burial site of Cary Cox, Sr. (~1744-1814), and some of his descendants.  He was a Rev. War Soldier from South Carolina (per his headstone).  There are only 3 marked graves in this cemetery, though there are perhaps 1-2 dozen more marked only with stones, and some others probably present & unmarked.  The 2 other marked graves are of his daughter Nancy Cox Griggs and her daughter Martha Griggs.

These directions assume you can make your way to Eatonton, the county seat of Putnam Co., Georgia.  The total distance out of Eatonton is about 12 miles South of Eatonton.  In Eatonton, find Highway 441 on the south side of Eatonton, then locate and go South on Hwy 129 to a 4-way stop called Resseau’s Crossing.  Turned West (right) on Hwy 212 toward Stanfordville (which used to exist at the crossroads of 212 and where Rabbit Skip Rd. and Bradley Road intersect it.)  Just past this is another “crossroads” of unpaved roads, left (South) leading to the Cox Plantation Home (Cox-Mathis Home) – now a Dept. of Natural Resources Hunter’s check station.  Cox-Mathis house is just down this road on the right.

To get to the Cox & Griggs graves (Cox-Griggs Burying Ground), one would actually take the road that extends from the Check Station NORTH (make a sharp RIGHT turn off 212 coming from Resseau’s Crossroads) which on Yahoo! maps is labeled as Glenwood Springs Road, but at the road is (I believe) called “Checking Star Road”.  One takes this road perhaps ½ mile.  The first “road” going to the right (which isn’t much of a road, but can be discerned as hunter’s have used it) is where you must stop unless you have a 4 wheel drive or at least an SUV.  From there you walk perhaps 500 feet into the woods along this road until you reach a “cut” through the forest.  On our trip it was marked with orange ‘markers’ and orange paint stripes on some of the trees.  In about 200-300 feet, one will reach a clearing.  The Cox-Griggs Burying Ground is off to the left (and visible from) this clearing.  There are 2 rock enclosures--one is Cary Cox, Sr.'s burial site, and the other houses the Griggs' graves, et. al.)

If you are experiencing trouble finding this location, the Ranger's Station of the Oconee National Forest has Rangers who may be able to assist you (esp. Tim Walker who I must thank deeply for directing ME there in October, 2003), but hopefully this map and directions will obviate that need!  Good luck! Homepage

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