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Descendants and Ancestors
George Washington Griggs

Dr. George W. Griggs Celeste Eugenia (Jackson) Griggs
Dr. George Washington Griggs and wife Celeste Eugenia Jackson Griggs
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Descendants of George Washington Griggs

1   George Washington Griggs 1819 - 1895 (b. Madison Co., AL, Died Evant, Coryell Co., TX)
(GW Griggs is buried in the Murphree Cemetery, near Evant, TX).  See Bios on GW.
..  +Celeste Eugenia Jackson 1840 - 1902
(visit the Jackson page with the link above, or read her Bio here.)
 2   Terrell Lee Griggs 1867 - 1940
....  +Mary Vedella Green 1870 - 1956
.. 3   Ada May Griggs 1890 - 1982
......  +Henry Clay Norwood 1890 - 1941
.. 3   Terrell Jackson Griggs 1892 - 1977
......  +Nellie Velma Gulleyon
.. 3   Richard Vernon Griggs 1894 - 1976
......  +Charlcie Davenport - 1957
.. 3   Ora Lee Griggs** 1897 - 1982
.. 3   Eula Irene Griggs 1899 - 1979
......  +Giles Connell Clegg 1899 - 1940
.. 3   Sigsbee Schley Griggs 1902 - 1953
.. 3   John Perry Griggs 1904 - 1986
......  +Gladys Mae Thomason - 1997
.. 3   Eugenia Wanda Griggs 1907 - 1992
......  +Waldo Lee Logan
.. 3   Julia Pearl Griggs 1910 - 1991
......  +Jack U. Spillman 1905 - 1986
.. 3   George Robert Griggs 1915 - 1974
 2   George Edward Griggs 1870 - 1957
....  +Lillian Gladys Wiswell 1871 - 1951
.. 3   Hazel E. Griggs 1895 - 1896
.. 3   [1] Clyde Edward Griggs 1896 - 1940
......  +Stella Mae Tevis
..  *2nd Wife of [1] Clyde Edward Griggs:
......  +Catherine Mahoney
.. 3   Lester H. Griggs 1898 - 1986
.. 3   Elma R. Griggs 1900 -
......  +Florence Seale
.. 3   Claude Robert Griggs 1903 -
......  +Dessie Baize
.. 3   George Washington Griggs 1906 - 1957
......  +Vesta Faye Trammell 1909 -
.. 3   Ralph Griggs 1908 -
......  +Johnie Foreman
.. 3   Lillian Thelma Griggs 1910 - 1910
.. 3   Larrence Theron Griggs 1910 - 1910
.. 3   Emmett Douglas Griggs 1913 - 1994
......  +Ione Clara Briggs
.. 3   Oshea Lorene Griggs 1915 -
......  +George H. Hartin
 2   [2] Julia Coleman Griggs 1873 - 1969
....  +J. W. Blasdell - 1957
  *2nd Husband of [2] Julia Coleman Griggs:
....  +Alonzo McMinn 1870 - 1902
.. 3   Cecil McMinn 1894 - 1938
......  +Irma Unknown
.. 3   Celeste Eugenia McMinn 1898 - 1985
......  +Robert Herman Herring 1897 -
.. 3   Troy McMinn 1900 - 1908
 2   Robert Sledge Griggs, Sr. * 1875 - 1966
....  +Bettye Dickie
.. 3   Robert Sledge Griggs, Jr. 1906 - 1908
.. 3   Virginia Elizabeth Griggs 1909 - 1957
......  +James Joseph Richardson
.. 3   Frances Eugenia Griggs 1911 -
......  +Richard Fergeson
 2   Mollie Pearl Griggs 1878 - 1904
....  +Robert Lee Howell - 1950
.. 3   Maurice Augustine Howell 1897 -
......  +Mary Pauline Eades
.. 3   Child2 Howell 1897 -
.. 3   Child3 Howell 1897 -
.. 3   Agnes Jenette Howell 1897 - 1905
 2   Hester Chappell Griggs (Bio) 1880 - 1920
....  +Emory V. Altman 1877 - 1952
.. 3   Otis Carroll Altman 1902 - 1990
......  +Nellie Alice Blanton - 1988
.. 3   [3] Mabel Altman 1904 - 1967
......  +Buford Kennedy
..  *2nd Husband of [3] Mabel Altman:
......  +Kyle Martin 1901 - 1978
.. 3   Robbie Altman 1905 - 1986
......  +Unknown Hicks
.. 3   Edith Altman 1906 -
......  +W. T. Morrow
.. 3   Earline Eva Altman 1908 - 2001
......  +Harry William London 1908 - 1991
.. 3   [4] Fred Edward Altman 1910 - 1950
......  +Ina Mae Rye
..  *2nd Wife of [4] Fred Edward Altman:
......  +Bernice Bean
.. 3   [5] William Larkin Altman 1915 - 1988
......  +Ione Hinkle 1918 -
..  *2nd Wife of [5] William Larkin Altman:
......  +Dorothy Elizabeth Kennedy 1912 - 1990
.. 3   Infant Altman 1920 - 1920
 2   John Jackson Griggs 1883 - 1957
....  +Matilda Eva Balcer

(This tree truncated to 3 generations for brevity's sake.)

*Author of "Sketches and Memories of My Family" - source material for much of this work.

My direct ancestors are in RED.

The parents of George Washington Griggs are said to be James Griggs and Sarah Landers in the RS Griggs book "Sketches..." (see link).  However, I've been unable to so far confirm that.  A James Griggs and Sarah Lenders (with an 'e') that I find doing research seems to be too old to be GW Griggs' parents.  The following is a short tree of James and Sarah Landers Griggs' descendancy, taken from information provided by Karen Clegg Jarussi which in turn was the work of Ora Lee Griggs**, a granddaughter of GW and Celeste Eugenia Griggs via their oldest son Terrell Lee Griggs.

Descendants of James Griggs
(Father of GW Griggs - still perhaps speculative?)

Also See:
Register Report of Descendants of James Griggs

 1   James Griggs
..  +Sarah Landers
 2   George Washington Griggs 1819 - 1895
....  +Celeste Eugenia Jackson 1840 - 1902
 2   Andrew Jackson Griggs After 1819 - 1861
 2   Isaac Griggs After 1819 - 1861
 2   Thomas Madison Griggs After 1819 - 1861
 2   Nannie Griggs After 1819 -
....  +Michael O'Barr
 2   Elizabeth Griggs After 1819 -
 2   Female Griggs After 1819 -

The RS Griggs book, "Sketches" states that GW Washington fought in the Civil War, was wounded at Shiloh, and served the remainder of the war as an "Interne" -- a medical personnel.  A GW Griggs was in the 5th Alabama Cavalry Regiment as Regimental Surgeon, and this perhaps was GW Griggs, though this unit was NOT at the Battle of Shiloh.  I am currently researching which unit GW Griggs fought with.  My Civil War Ancestry Page can be seen by following the link.

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The information in the Genealogical Descendancy Tree above, primarily represents a factual breakdown of the information in the Robert Sledges Griggs books "Sketches..." that is online for view at this site.

Additional information was provided by Karen Clegg Jarussi (work of Ora Lee Griggs) and was also invaluable.  Thanks to all who contribute!

N.B. Some information has been altered secondary to research by the page author, and new data since the page was created may not be reflected in the somewhat onerous to maintain webpage format.  For the most recent data, always check the online GEDCOM available via the link provided.

Register Report of Descendants of James Griggs
This page has more in-depth data and source information

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Updated 2/17/2006

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George Washington Griggs was born August 2, 1819 in Madison County, Alabama.  It is unclear who his parents were as some documentation (in the Griggs book) state it was James Griggs who had married a Sarah Landers.  My research has shown that there was a James Griggs who married a Sarah Lenders (with an 'e') but that this couple was a bit too old to have a child in 1819, and documentation would suggest G.W. Griggs was the first born, but many family histories show a Griggs child born to James Griggs/Sarah Lenders who was b. in 1799.  Therefore I tend to believe this wasn't his family.  In any event, George Washington Griggs came to Texas at some point (probably just after the Civil War) and settled in Washington County (Chappell Hill).  It has been stated that he was a CSA soldier in the War Between the States and that he was injured and spent the remainder of the war in a medical unit.  He had been trained both as a doctor and as a dentist before the war, so this seems to make sense.  I tend to believe that he was the Surgeon of the 5th Alabama Cavalry Regiment, as there is a Surgeon by the name of G.W. Griggs listed as Regimental Surgeon for that unit in my Ancestry.com CD-ROM about the Civil War.  After the war, he came (or returned) to Texas and married Celeste Eugenia Jackson (below) and the remainder of their history together has already been outlined.  He died July 10, 1895 and is buried with his wife in Murphree Cemetery, near Evant, Texas in Hamilton County, Texas.

An additional biography has been uncovered which differs slightly from some of this account.  This version, which seems to corroborate some of the R.S. Griggs work, was found by Carlian Pittman of the Hamilton County Genealogical Society in a book entitled History for McLennan, Falls, Bell and Coryell Counties.

"Dr. G. W. Griggs, of Evant, Coryell County, Texas, was born in Madison County, Alabama, August 2, 1819.  He is a son of James Griggs, a Tennessee farmer, who moved to Alabama in time to be known as one of the pioneers of that State.  James Griggs was married first at the age of nineteen years to Sarah Landers, by whom he had seven children, the Doctor being the oldest.  Of the others be it recorded that Andrew Jackson, a soldier in the Confederate army, was killed battle.  Isaac died during the war; Thomas Madison died since the war, but of wounds received in that struggle; Nannie, who became the wife of Michael Obarr, is now deceased; Elisabeth died at the age of eighteen years; and one died in infancy.
     The subject of our sketch attended the old field schools when a boy, and there got a smattering of an English education.  In 1846, he emigrated to Noxubee county, Mississippi, where he began the study of the profession which made his life a success.  He graduated in dentistry at the Baltimore Dental College, and subsequently in medicine at the Philadelphia Medical College.  He then located for practice in Pickensville, Alabama, and soon afterward began to travel and do dental work, stopping at different places, and finally locating at Port Gibson, Mississippi, where he remained two years.   His next location was in Bicksburg, one year.  He then became a traveling dental surgeon and physician, traveling extensively through various Eastern and Southern States, and some of the States west of the Mississippi.
     When the rupture between the North and South was completed, the Doctor enlisted in the Ninth Mississippi Infantry, where he served one year, after which he was commissioned Surgeon.  He finished his service for the Confederacy in this capacity.  He was stationed at Fort McCree nine months.  At the battle of Shiloh he received a wound, and was then transferred to hospital service, from which he resigned in 1864, at Marion Station, Mississippi.
     Dr. Griggs then came to Texas, making the journey to this State on horseback, and being "flat broke."  He married and located in Washington county, where he farmed and practiced dentistry seven years.  he then moved to Waco, and lived there two years.  Not being satisfied there, his stay was brief, and in 1876 went back to Washington county, purchased land, and lived three years there.  he now resides in Coryell.  Of late he has almost ceased practice, having no desire to follow his profession for a livelihood.  He, however, relieves an occasional toothache for some friend or neighbor.  The Doctor owns a fine farm of 640 acres splendidly improved, 200 acres of which are under cultivation.
     In September, 1865, Dr. Griggs married Eugenie, daughter of T. J. Jackson.  Mrs. Griggs was born in Alabama, and reared in Texas.  The children born to this worthy couple are: T. Lee Griggs, who married Della Green; George E., Julia, Robert S. Mollie P., Heater [sic - this is Hester] C. and John J.
     The Griggs family originated in Scotland, but emigrated to the United States before the Revolutionary War.  Grandfather Griggs and his two brothers participated in that struggle.  The Grogginess [sic - I assume they mean to say Griggses] first settled in Virginia, and from there scattered into Tennessee and Alabama.  They have been farmers, and a thrifty and progressive people."

This new information and the picture came from:
History for McLennan, Falls, Bell and Coryell Counties (book in possession of the Hamilton County Genealogical Society).

***One difference involves the Civil War service of G.W. Griggs - I have come to believe  he was part of the 5th Alabama Cavalry, but this suggests a different unit.  Also, I have attempted to find records from the Medical and Dental education establishments attended by Dr. Griggs, but yet to no avail...DLC 12/4/2003.


Dr. George W. Griggs
Dr. George W. Griggs 
(Click for larger image)

Celeste Eugenia Jackson (1840-1902) was born in Alabama to T.J. and Julia Coleman Jackson.  She immigrated to Texas with them in 1841, while just an infant.  She was reared in Washington County, Texas (Chappell Hill) and married George Washington Griggs just after the War Between the States (September 21, 1865).  More on G.W. Griggs is below.  They started a family and left the nest, first moving to Waco in McLennan County, and then eventually (1870's) to a farm near present-day Evant along the border of Hamilton and Coryell counties along Cow House Creek.  They raised 7 children, including my great-grandmother, Hester Chappell Griggs and her brother, Robert Sledge Griggs, whose book has provided so much of this history.  She died in 1902, and is buried in the Murphree Cemetery near Evant, Hamilton Co., Texas.


Celeste Eugenia (Jackson) Griggs
Celeste Eugenia (Jackson) Griggs
(Click for larger image)

Hester Chappell Griggs was born in 1880 to George Washington Griggs and Celeste Eugenia Jackson Griggs.  She was the 6th of 7 children and was raised on the old "Home Place" on Cow House Creek near Evant, Texas.  In about 1901 she married Emory V. Altman and moved to the Abilene, Taylor County, Texas area, eventually living in Anson, Jones County Texas, just north of there.  The couple had 7 children that survived, but the 8th child died, and Hester died soon after the child was born.  She is buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery just East of Anson, Texas.  Her husband died many years later and is buried near here (in the same plot) but an empty space without a marker is the site where the baby that died is buried, and this lies between her and E.V. Altman.  Another of her children, Robbie Altman is buried in the same plot, and her daughter who was my grandmother, Earline AltmanLondon is buried only a few hundred feet away in a plot containing other relatives of mine including Lucy Ann Holt White, and others.  Robert Sledge Griggs, Hester's brother wrote seemingly little about her in his book, and there has always been a whisper that she wasn't as well regarded by the family due to something that occurred, but this could be all rumor.  Perhaps Mr. Altman wasn't "up to speed" for the family, but this seems unknowable now.  She and her last baby died in February, 1920.



Headstone of Hester Chappell Griggs Altman
Hester Chappell Griggs Altman 
(Click for larger image)

No photo of Hester Chappell Griggs is in my or my family's possession...

The sketch below was recently located by Carlian Pittman of the Hamilton County Genealogical Society, and forwarded to me.  Thanks so much Carlian!

Dr. & Mrs. G.W. Griggs

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