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Documents:  Holt Family*

Documents regarding Richard Holt, and Robert Holt***:

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Robert Holt Document:

This document contains information about Robert Holt, and his son Richard Holt I.  Robert was b. about 1600, and both were immigrants from Lancashire, England to Virginia.  There is a great deal of sordid detail about Robert and his wife in this document.  ***Note this document was provided by a contributor who wishes to remain anonymous***.  This is NOT my original research.


Richard Holt Document:

This document, provided by Kerry G. (who I found via the Holt-L archives) is a copy from the work of Woodland G. Shockley who wrote this information in 1980.  It is NOT the original work of myself NOR OF Kerry G.  It contains genealogical information about the purported connection of Richard Holt I down to Simon Holt (and further).


*These documents contain data that are highly controversial in genealogical circles, and therefore their complete accuracy cannot yet be said to be proven.  I merely put them here for completeness, and will continue to research them in hopes of proving their correctness or disproving them as the case may be...  DLC 4/27/2003

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***Please note that none of the documents posted here are my original research or creation.  They were provided to me by others and as such I have no control over their content.  I have not altered any document linked from this site, and am only providing a springboard for their access online.  Thanks for your understanding, and please post your comments on the Guestbook if you have them.

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