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James Hill Casey (1813-1901) Jane Turnbo Casey (1815-1904)
James Hill Casey and Jane Turnbow Casey
(Click for larger photos)
These photos of James Hill Casey (I) and his wife Jane Turnbow Casey
are displayed in the Williamson Co., Texas courthouse in Georgetown, Texas.  They came to Williamson County in Dec. 1851
according to these photos.  They are listed as "Pioneers of Williamson County".  Jane Casey was actually born in 1815.

(Copies sent to me courtesy of Carolyn Casey, and
then refurbished by Kelly Sullivan (Thanks Cuz Kelly!))

Their gravestones from Farmer Cemetery
can be seen here.


Willis Casey and wife Samuel Isabell Harris Casey

A photo of Willis Casey
and wife Isabell Harris Casey

(photo also courtesy of Carolyn Casey)


Gravestones of Willis and Samuel Isabell (Harris) Casey

These are the markers for Willis and Samuel Isabell (Harris) Casey.
Located in Florence Cemetery, Florence, Williamson Co., Texas
(courtesy of Carla Woolley)

James Hill Casey (II), Maggie Fisher Casey and Children
James Hill Casey (II) family
This photo (date unknown) shows James Hill Casey (II) in the center with wife Maggie Fisher Casey
and children Evalee, Alma, Wayne, and Harold.
O.H. (Overton Harris), who was my grandfather, is not shown
presumably because as the oldest he had 'left the nest' already.  James Hill Casey was known as "Hill" or "Peg-Leg" Casey as he lost a leg at some point.

This photo was expertly re-done from the original (see just below)
by James Fairey, son of Bonnie Casey Fairey, and my 1st cousin.  What a great job!

Thanks James!

Un-retouched Photo
Unretouched photo of Hill Casey and family
(see expertly retouched photo above)

Grave markers for J.H. Casey (II) and Maggie Fisher Casey

These are the markers for the graves of James Hill Casey II
and his wife Margaret "Maggie" Fisher Casey.
(click to see a "close up")

These graves are in Florence, Williamson Co., Texas.

**Of interest to some may be the construction of this 'gravestone'.  This stone, utilizing the markers given by the funeral home at the time of burial (Spill Funeral Home in Winters, Runnels Co., TX) were embedded in cement to make the headstone.  This was done, most assuredly, by J.H. & Margaret "Maggie" Casey's son, Overton Harris (O.H.) Casey who was involved in running curbing, and otherwise doing masonry work in the cemeteries near Winters, Texas as part of his livelihood.  The grave of O.H.'s Father-In-Law, Louis Haupt is done in an identical fashion, and this grave is in the Fairview Cemetery, just West of Winters, Texas in Runnels County.  I (David L. Casey) am in the process of discussing with family a project to replace this stone with a more attractive and perhaps more permanent marble stone marker, and will be discussing the possibility with family at the upcoming reunion...more to come.

(Photos courtesy of Carla Woolley)


Maggie Fisher and Children

This is a photo of Maggie Fisher Casey with children.

Counter-clockwise from the top left:
Overton Harris Casey (my grandfather)
Evalee Casey
Harold Casey (the baby)
Wayne Casey
Alma, the youngest child, had not been born yet.

(Photo courtesy of Leora Casey Wood)


Harris Casey and family ca. 1935

The Family of Harris (O.H.) Casey about 1935.

Back Row:  O.H. (Harris Casey), Leora Casey, Sam Russell,
Marguerite Casey Russell, Ida Mae Haupt Casey
Front Row:  Bonnie Casey, Esther Casey, Sam Russell Jr. (baby), David H. Casey (little boy)

O.H. Casey and Family 1947

O.H. Casey and Family 1947:

This is the same family as above, but in 1947.

Left to right:  David H. Casey, Esther Casey, Bonnie Casey, Leora Casey, Marguerite Casey, Ida Mae Haupt Casey, O.H. (Harris) Casey, and Donald Casey (front row--little boy)

Click on images to see larger, clearer picture.
Both of the above pictures refurbished and provided by James Fairey.

Ida Mae Haupt Casey 1916
Ida Mae Haupt (Casey) ca. 1916

This is Ida Mae Haupt, who married Overton Harris Casey in 1916
(maybe this is a wedding photo?)
She was my paternal grandmother...known as "Granny" to me!

(photo provided by Bonnie (Casey) Fairey, and was
reproduced by her son, my 1st cousin, James Fairey.)


The gravestones of O.H. and Ida Mae (Haupt) Casey

The gravestone of O.H. and Ida Mae (Haupt) Casey in Winters, Runnels Co., Texas.
Both were born in 1893, and Ida Mae died in 1979 with O.H. following her in death in 1986.

These were my paternal grandparents.

(Photo courtesy of Carla Woolley)

The children of OH and Ida Mae Casey in July 2000.

These are the surviving children of OH and Ida Mae Casey.
From left to right is David Houston Casey (my father), Marguerite Casey Russell,
Leora Casey Wood, Bonnie Casey Fairey
and Donald Casey.

Esther Casey Hagar is deceased.

The Casey Family Reunion is held at the 3M plant in Brownwood, Texas.
in June or July each year.

Everyone interested mark their calendars for same time next year!

In 2001 and 2002, we had an increase in attendance with descendants of Harold Casey (Johnny and Billy Casey and spouses) which was a nice surprise.  In the future, we are going to try and have the reunion be for all descendants of James Hill Casey I!

If you're a descendant (however distant) of James Hill Casey I (1813-1901) and wish to be invited to the private site, please email me for an invite!  All that's required is an email address.  ALSO, please note that descendants of Louis Haupt or Juliett Artieschaufskey Haupt are also invited.

Casey Family Reunion ca. 1955

This photo from 1957 shows the Casey Family Reunion in Ft. Worth, TX.

Please go to my Casey Family Reunion page to contribute your knowledge aboutthe folks in this photo!


David H. and Ketta London Casey

David Houston Casey and wife Ketta (London) Casey
My Parents.  Picture taken July 15, 2001 at Brownwood, Texas.


David L. Casey  (2011)

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