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The Casey Photo Album*
Page 4 -- Aunt Mary Laverne Casey Alexander (May 20,1880-July 26,1967)
and her husband "Uncle Nat" Alexander (1877-1952)
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Photos of Aunt Mary Laverne Casey Alexander and "Uncle Nat" Alexander
provided by Carla Woolley


Aunt Mary Laverne Casey

Aunt Mary Laverne Casey (Alexander) as a young woman.
Aunt Mary was the youngest child of Willis and Isabell Casey


Wedding photo

Nat and Mary in a wedding photo.


Nat and Mary on their porch

Nat and Mary Alexander on their porch


50th Wedding Anniversary photo

A photo of Uncle Nat and Aunt Mary at their 50th
wedding anniversary.

Uncle Nat and Aunt Mary lived most of their lives in Winters, Runnels Co.,
Texas, and are buried there
with their child who died in infancy in 1914.

Isabell Casey died in the home of Mary Alexander, the youngest of her 15 children.

Aunt Mary was well known to my father during his childhood, and these photos
were provided by Carla Woolley, a fellow Casey researcher and my 3rd cousin.

Thanks Carla!

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