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Descendants of Willis Casey (1836-1895)

(This is the "original" Willis Casey page from February 2000-July 2002)
The new updated Willis Casey (1836-1895) page can be found here.

The most "updated" information can always be found
by looking at my GEDCOM page.

Willis Casey (son of James Hill Casey ) was born Jan 13, 1836
in Wayne Co TN (probably on Beech Creek).
  He died 18 Oct 1898 in Florence, Williamson Co TX (buried in Florence Cemetery).

He was married to Samuel Isabell Harris Sep 4, 1856 in Bell Co TX.

    Samuel Isabell Harris  was born Mar 20, 1837 near Fayetteville, Washington
     Co. AR and died Jan 13, 1925 Winters, Runnels Co. TX (living with daughter
     Mary at the time of her death)  She too is buried at Florence.
     They were Methodist.  Isabell was in Nolanville by age 10.

Willis Casey was a Private in the 17th Texas Infantry, CSA during the War Between the States and may have seen action in the Western Theater of the War (possibly Vicksburg).

Children of Willis and Isabell Casey:

i. and ii.  Twin girls were stillborn in 1857 in Florence.

iii.  John W. b. 1858 Florence; d.10 Jan 1909 McLennan Co TX m 27 Mar 1879 to Catherine Daniels.

    Children:  -Alvin Lee m Willie M. Croat 26 Oct 1909 McLennan Co TX
             -Will J. m Amy who died 13 Dec 1968
             -Robert Lee m Bessie Buckmeyer 3 July 1915 McLennan Co TX
             -Albert Franklin b abt 1874; d 13 Oct 1959  m Nora Good
              18 May 1917 McLennan Co TX.  Nora died 1941 McLennan Co TX
                son Albert Franklin m Vergie
             -Rosie (maybe b 27 May 1886; d. Dec 1967) m W. B. Waldie
             -Elizabeth b. abt 1920 m Luther Hinds
[I have made no contact with any descendants in this family to confirm
or add to this information--note from Carolyn Casey.]

***New information obtained April, 2001 (with some slight discrepancies from the above information) reveals the following about the descendancy of John Will Casey, b. 1858:

1.  John Will Casey 1858-1909
    m Catherine Daniels 1859-1919

2.    Children of John W & Catherine Casey:

        i. William Joseph Casey 1880-1951
             m Minnie Lee Dupree  1886-1968

        ii. Albert Franklin Casey 1884-1959
            m Nora Thomas Good 1890-1942

        iii. Alvin Louis Casey
            m Willie May Croat

        iv. Rosie Casey 1886-1967
            m Walter B. Waldie, Sr. (Uncle B) 1883-1966

        v.  Elizabeth Casey
            m J. L. Hines

        vi. J. L. Casey

        vii.  Robert Lee Casey
             m. Bessie Buckmeyer

3.    Children of Albert & Nora Casey:

        i.    Albert Franklin Casey, Jr. 1919-1986
              m Virgie Mae Crider 1912-1994

        ii.    Lennie Catherine Casey 1920-1995
                m Claudie Lee McRae 1909-1994

        iii.    Leslie Victor Casey 1921-
                m Claire Louise Avery 1933-

        iv.    Jess Willard Casey 1923-1992
                m Oletha Mae Alexander 1910-1997

This information comes from me (4/2001) from the wife of one of Jess Willard Casey's sons.  She chooses to remain anonymous

iv.  Samuel Harris b. 18 May 1861 (1860**) Florence, Williamson Co TX; d 13 Jul 1898
    m Martha Riggs 8 Aug 1879 Williamson Co TX dau. of Barney Kemp Riggs
and Louiza Jane Hilger.  [After Samuel's death, Martha married John C.

**Samuel Casey was shown on the 1860 census (July 1860) as being 2 months old, so his birth date must have been 1860 rather than 1861.

        Children:  Thomas
                  Samuel Harris Jr. b. Aug 1883 TX m Zella H. Gordan
                        One known child:  Samuel Harris III

v.  William b 18 Feb 1864 Florence;
   m Catherine.

        Children:  -William Joseph b 1881 TX; d 28 Nov 1951 McLennan Co
           TX m Minnie Lee Dupree 24 Dec 1902 McLennan Co TX.  [He died
                in a fire at a bakery in Waco.]
                   -Robert b 1896 TX m Bessie Buckmeyer.  One known
                child:  Mildred
                   -Albert b 1885

vi.  James Hill Casey II* b 9 Apr 1866 Florence; d 31 Oct 1929 Williamson Co
        TX m Maggie Fisher 29 May 1892 TX.  They are buried in the Florence
        Cemetery.  Maggie was the daughter of Joshua and Mary (Ratliff)
        Fisher.  Maggie--Apr 1871 TX; 1931 Florence.

*Please see my page dedicated to the descendants of James Hill Casey II which includes myself.  Click here to go there!

Also see a photo of James Hill Casey II with family!

vii.  Euin Bascom Casey b. 1868 Florence; m 1 mar 1891 TX Sally Bristol.
        They moved to CA.  Death date unknown.  Sally was
        the daughter of John M. and Nancy L. Bristol.

        Children:  -Willis H. b 1892 TX
                   -Eunice N. b. 1896 TX
                   -Euin B. Jr. b. 1898 TX
                   -Olivia b. 1905 TX

[Children info from 1910 census]

viii. and ix.  Twins Betty and Bart were born in 1870.  Betty died in 1877 and Bart in 1872.

x.  Jennie b 1 Dec 1872 Florence; d. 16 Jan 1977 Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co TX
        m. Marcus DeLafayette Hudgens 21 Sep 1888 (Mark, son of Marcus
        DeLafayette Hudgens Sr and Emiline Condra)

                Eula, Velma,Birdie, Etta, Ambrose and Genie

xi.  Mack Henry (see more info below.)


xii.  Katie (twin sister to Mack) b 29 May 1875 Florence; d. 25 Mar 1929
        Littlefield, Lamb Co TX m 26 Jun 1893 Gravel Hill, Williamson Co TX
       m. Lewis Ratliff b. 4 Sep 1873 Williamson Co TX; d. 18 Oct 1947
                Littlefield, Lamb Co TX. Son of William P. Ratliff
                and Sarah Jane Marrs
        Children:  -Mamie Ethel b. 28 Oct 1874 m Arthur James
                   -Nora Bell b. 31 Aug 1896 m Carl Harrison
                   -Viola m b. 24 Nov 1899; 9 Jun 1933 Winters, Runnels
                        Co TX m Clifton Davis
                   -Essie Janie b. 4 Apr 1901.  m 24 Nov 1919 Marcus Bales
                   -Millard "Mick" Lewis b. 22 Jan 1904 m Ethel Roberta
                        Bales.  Then married Bessie Thompson and then
                                Dixie Long 2/21/38
                   -William Dillard "Dick" b. 22 May 1906; d. 1987
                        m Maxine Kimbell
                   -Faye Laverne b 21 Sep 1909; died in the 1980's
                        m Jesse Lett
                   -Edith Irene b. 19 Jan 1911.  m 5 Sep 1941 Cephas
                   -Katie Olene "Bootsie" b 30 May 1913.  m 18 Nov 1935
                        Jesse Steffly
                   -Mack McCarty b 30 Apr 1916; d. 1929 Littlefield,
                        Lamb Co TX


xiii.  Joseph Lee b 22 Feb 1878 Florence; 8 jul 1914 Gallatin, Cherokee Co TX
        m 13 Feb 1898 Idonia Davis b. 24 Mar 1878 OK; d 16 Jun 1976
                Lawton, Commanche Co OK.  Both are buried at Florence
        Idonia was the daughter of John Everett Davis and Eugenia Pugh.
                -Twin girls stillborn 11 Aug 1898. Buried in Cedar Valley
        Cemetery in Bell or Williamson Co TX
                -Willis Evert b. 8 Jun 1902 Florence; d. Aug 1902 Florence
        Buried at Cedar Valley.  He died of dysentery.
                -Lucy b 23 Sep 1899 Florence (maybe d. Jan 1988 San
        Antonio, Bexar Co TX.)  m Sterling Frymire (A Sterling Frymire
        lives in Jarrell, TX...not sure if this is the same one.)
                -Luther b. 29 Aug 1903 Florence.  He died in the late
        1990's.  m Minnie Fields
                -Elva Lena b. 7 Dec 1906 Florence m 1 Jan 1927 W. C. Fox
        [dau. Joyzelle Morey has done much of the Casey research which
        all of us are indebted to.]
                -Velma Laverne b. 1 Jan 1908 Florence.  Married Covert
        Miller 12 Feb 1928.
                -John Lee b. 22 Jun 1912 Florence; died 13 Dec 1920


xiv.  Lillian b. 22 Feb 1878 Florence.  m James Wimberly 18 Jan 1894
        Children:  -Bertha b. Feb 1895
                   -Willis b. Jul 1896
                   -Lois b. Aug 1897
        [All were born in TX.  This was found in the 1900 census.]


xv.  Mary Laverne b 20 May 1880 Florence; d 26 Jul 1978 Arlington, Dallas
        Co TX.  m 18 Jan 1904 Nat Alexander.

They had one daughter who died young.  They lived much of their adult lives in Winters, Runnels Co., TX, and are buried in the cemetery West of that city.

Descendants of Mack Henry Casey


(Added 9/9/2000)

*See the Photo Page # 3 dedicated to Mack Henry Casey and descendants!


Mack Henry Casey b 29 May 1875,  Florence, Williamson Co., TX; d. 25 Dec 1945 Salado, Bell Co TX
 m 12 Jul 1896 Bell Co TX
         Fannie Elizabeth Lawler b 18 Oct 1877 Youngsport, Bell Co TX; d.
        19 Jun 1929 Santa Anna, Coleman Co TX (killed by drunk driver)
        She was the daughter of Moses Newton and Sarah Elizabeth (Brooks) Lawler.


                -baby girl

                -Newton Willis b. Jun 1, 1898 Williamson Co TX; d 4 Jan
        1966 Hearne, Robertson Co TX. m 1925 Selma Bostert b. 2 Jul 1898
        Ft. Bend Co. TX; d. 28 Dec 1986 Bryan, Robertson Co TX
        They are buried in the Hearne Cemetery
        [Aunt Selma made the most wonderful homemade bread!]

                -Effie b 16 Jan 1900 Williamson Co TX; d. 23 Apr 1987
        Belton, Bell Co TX m 31 Dec 1916 Bell Co TX Alva Preston Cosper
        b. 6 Jul 1896 Bell Co TX; d. 26 Oct 1984 Belton, Bell Co TX
        The Cospers are buried in the North Belton Cemetery.

                -Ora Va 2 Jan 1902 Florence; d. 26 Apr 1989 Alice, Jim
        Wells Co TX m 31 Jan 1919 Bell Co TX Henry Thomas Ray b 28 Oct
        1899 Youngsport, Bell Co TX; 29 Nov 1969 Kingsville, Kleberg Co TX

                -Roy Randall b 20 Oct 1903 Williamson Co TX; d 4 Jan 1941
        Del Rio, Val Verde Co TX m 28 Jun 1922 Youngsport, Bell Co TX
        Zellma Ray Slawson b. 4 Jan 1904 Youngsport, Bell Co TX; d.
        28 Jun 1982 Baird, Callahan Co TX (These people were grand-
        parents of Carolyn Casey who provided this information.)  Roy
was buried in the North Belton Cemetery, Zellma
        in Liveoak Cemetery near Youngsport, Bell Co TX.

                -Myrtle Mae b 24 Mar 1905 Florence; d. 21 Jan 1985
        Belton, Bell Co TX m Joe Beadle  b 6 Feb 1907; 29 May 1994
        Bell Co TX.  The Beadles had no children.  They are buried
        in the North Belton Cemetery.

                -Mabel Clara b. 22 Mar 1907 Florence; d. 19 Aug 1993
        Portage, Kalamazoo Co Michigan. m 28 Dec 1932 Belton, Bell Co
        TX Delmonte Eugene Cole b. 4 Feb 1903 Niagara, Marinette Co WS.

                -Allen  b. 16 Apr 1909 Florence; d. 19 Feb 1920 Florence
        He is buried in the Lawler Cemetery.

                -Laverne Casey b 20 Sep 1917 Florence; d. 30 Jun 1987
        Longview, Gregg Co TX m Joe Parker b. 1 Nov 1916; d. 31 Oct
        1989 Longview, Gregg Co TX

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(We share Willis as a great-great grandfather!) Carolyn Casey.
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Additional information from Joyzelle Morey, and Carla Woolley, and Sharon, an anonymous
donater of information about the John Will Casey line.

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