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The Casey Family in

Young County, Texas

Texas Map - Young County


In February 2000,
I first traveled to Young County, Texas in North Central Texas
to find the burial site of my ancestor James Hill Casey (1813-1901).

I found his grave site in Farmer Cemetery,
in what was once a small town: Farmer, Texas.

James Hill Casey is buried next to his wife Jane (Turnbow) Casey (1815-1904).

Nearby is buried one of their sons, John Wesley Casey.

I returned this summer (July, 2003) and took some new photos in better light (from the West).  The graveyard is remarkably well-kept, and there's a new building just outside of the grounds for funerals (?) and reunions.

Graves of Jas. H Casey and wife Jane (Turnbow) Casey
Headstones of James Hill Casey I (left) and Jane Turnbow Casey
(see below for photos of individual stones)

These are the grave sites of James Hill Casey (1813-1901) and Jane (Turnbow) Casey (1815-1904).
The graves are in the northwest corner of the cemetery.
The grave of John Wesley Casey is barely visible
on the left-hand side of this picture (see more below).


Headstone of James H. Casey (1813-1901) Headstone of Jane Turnbow Casey (1815-1904)
Headstones of Jas. H. Casey (left) and Jane Turnbow Casey
(click for larger images)

James Hill Casey and Jane Turnbow Casey's headstones.  Jane's stone has an inscription on the side reading:
"Together we lie untill God bids"
(This inscription is on the North side of Jane's stone, and is only visible by doing a rubbing.)

Farmer Cemetery Sign Farmer, Texas Historical Marker

On the left is the sign marking the entrance to the Farmer Cemetery.  On the right is a historical marker
noting the site of "old Farmer town site".

The marker reads:

Town site of old


Named for a missionary Rev. William H. Farmer 
who camped here in 1877. 
Later he had a general store. 
First Postmaster 1878.

Town once had a school, 2 churches, 
a newspaper, 3 doctors, 17 businesses,
a justice of the peace court. 
The old Farmer ranch house still stands.


Family records indicate that James Hill Casey may have moved to
Farmer in 1886, which means he would have been 73 years old.

Presumably he moved there to be with his son John Wesley Casey,
who had come in the late 1870's.

To get to Farmer, which is north-northeast of Graham, Texas,
you can take State Highway 16 north out of Graham.  You pass through Loving, Texas
until you reach the community of Markley.

From there, Highway 1769 is taken West (left if headed north) until it passes through Farmer.
The cemetery is down "Farmer Road" just by the historical marker.

Farmer-Hawkins Road sign

Try this link for a Yahoo Map to Farmer.

John Wesley Casey is also buried in the Farmer Cemetery.  He's buried mere yards from his father.
 his wife Edna O. (Queen) Casey is buried next to him.
They share the same headstone.

Headstone of John Wesley Casey Footstone of John Wesley Casey
John Wesley Casey's headstone (left) and footstone (right) 
(click for larger images)

John Wesley Casey was born October 28, 1840 in Wayne Co., Tennessee
He died December 20, 1920 in Farmer, TX.

John Wesley's footstone states he was a 2nd Lieutenant in the 27th Brigade of the Texas Militia, though I've been unable to unearth any documentation about this militia unit (militia was a State function, whereas the CSA army was a national function of the Confederate States of America.)

There is also a J.W. Casey listed in Co. G of the 17th Texas Infantry along with Willis, Hugh, and Allen Casey, all brothers.  I suspect John Wesley was this J.W. and listed his higher militia rank (Lt.) on his gravestone for honor's sake.  He and all his brothers were privates in the regular volunteer Infantry.

His Brother (My 2nd Great Grandfather) was Willis Casey.
He was a Private in the Texas 17th Infantry, CSA.
Willis is buried in Florence, Texas (pictures here).

Caseyville sign

One of John Wesley Casey's children, Allen Casey, was married in "Caseyville".

I found Caseyville on an old map, but could find no vestige of a community...only a lonely dead-end road.

I am told Caseyville was a ferry crossing for the Brazos River.  The exact location of Caseyville is now on private land, and not much remains.  A bridge over the river made the ferry obsolete.  There was at one time a store and gin at Caseyville, and the stock brand for the cattle of JW Casey was KZ, which still is the family's brand, I'm told.

The community was just south of Graham (on what is now the road to the West side of PK lake).
The highway sign as it exists today is pictured above (apologies
for the poor picture quality).

A descendant of John Wesley Casey who stays in touch has just today (9/27/03) sent me photos of Allen Calloway Casey and his wife Mary Jane "Mollie" Hawkins along with a photo of them with their children (see below).

The family tree of John Wesley Casey and the next 2 generations is as follows:

Descendants of John Wesley Casey
(son of James Hill Casey)

 1  John Wesley Casey 1840 - 1920
..  +Mary A.J. Sanders
   *2nd Wife of [1] John Wesley Casey:
..  +Edna Ollivia Queen 1844 - 1934
.... 2   Daughter Casey
.... 2   Clementine Casey 1866 - 1899 (Buried in Farmer Cemetery)
........  +Jasper D. Spencer
.... 2   Allen Calloway Casey 1870 - 1946 (see photo) (Buried in Olney, TX)
........  +Mary Jane "Mollie" Hawkins 1869 - 1953 (Buried in Olney, TX)
.......... 3   Sam H. Casey 1895 - 1940
..............  +Willie Lee Johnston 1897 - 1991
.......... 3   Harry Casey 1895 - 1895
.......... 3   Sally Jo Casey 1911 - 1995
..............  +J. W. Beaver 1914 - 1977
.......... 3   Ollie Casey 1893 - 1933 (Buried in Farmer Cemetery)
..............  +Hulbert Gray 1890 - 1925
.......... 3   Willis Hawkins Casey 1900 - 1969
..............  +Wilteron Overstreet 1899 - 1983
.......... 3   Hugh Levin Casey 1903 - 1983
..............  +Lela Fae Johnson 1904 - 1995
.......... 3   Hattie Ellen Casey 1903 - 1993
..............  +Richard Maurice Hall 1900 - 1978
.......... 3   Mary Evelyn Casey 1908 - 1997 (Parents of Sandra, who sent the photos)
..............  +Albert Lafe Clement 1907 - 1980
.... 2   Mary Ada Casey 1872 -
........  +Jefferson D. Spencer 1863 -
.......... 3   Glenn L. Spencer 1906 -
.......... 3   Jefferson D. Spencer, Jr. 1911 -
.......... 3   Maurice C. Spencer 1916 -
.... 2   John O. Casey 1884 -
........  +Maude Spiller
.......... 3   Allen M. Casey
..............  +Unknown Jet
.......... 3   Margaret Casey
.... 2   Nellie H. Casey 1887 - 1972
........  +Robert L. West
.......... 3   Robbi West

Allen Calloway Casey & Mary Jane "Mollie" Hawkins Casey

A.C. Casey & Family
A.C. Casey & Family

This page last updated 9/27/2003 by David L. Casey

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